a little switch.

Hello! sorry for the trouble, but I've switched back to my previous URL: http://thymely-thoughts.blogspot.com/

The thought of sending every follower "I've moved" messages seemed a little spammy. So I've moved back, made-over my previous space.

Have a lovely day.

first day.

Back at campus. First day, well, my last first day. My last semester began with an overcast sky and early snowflakes. With brisk temperatures and bright blue mountains. With people from every corner of the world walking to class, holding warm drinks and oversized scarfs close to them. 15 minutes early (a nice start), I turned a sharp right towards the ocean, camera in hand. Passerbys offered smiles, acknowledging my moment to capture the beauty around.

dinner with friends.

Sharing a homecooked meal with friends has to be one of my favorite things. The warmth of home is never quite replicated in a restaurant setting. It gives a chance to share new finds, books and joys. Last night we went to visit the home of my past roommate and her sweet boyfriend. Light and fresh, we shared a spinach salad with walnuts and mandarins. Accompanied with homemade chicken meatballs and roasted vegetables, it was the perfect post-holiday meal.

shortbread rounds.

Three simple ingredients. Butter, sugar and flour. Mixed, rolled, baked and cooled. Melts in your mouth. The real question is why have I never made shortbread before?

morning light.

Early hours. Low on the horizon, the sun illuminates the world. Glittering snow. Frost lingers in the shade for a few moments longer.

I hurry to the bus. A quick glance down. I notice a patch of dead grass, partially covered in snow. The light catches the blades just right. Glowing, I had to pause. I could walk instead.

crisp air.

The sunlight started to fade as it slipped behind the highest rooftops. I hurried, wanting to catch the last rays on this first day. Camera in hand, I searched. January is its own. Barren.  Crisp. The frozen ground crunched beneath my boots. 

Self portrait: 1.1.11.


With a fresh decade comes a different kind of resolution. In past years, I was preoccupied with weight, time and material goals. While such things always remain, this decade I want to begin with a simpler goal. Not an end point, but a means of travel.

I want to make time to just be. To appreciate. To take a deep breath and take it all in. Admist the ups and downs, the joys and heartache that accompany this life, I want to make a point of active reflection. What is light without acknowledgement of the darkness that precedes?

That, my dear readers, is my resolution. To be present, mindful, reflective. I wonder what we will find...